Published: Thursday, 11 September 2014

The first million-dollar sport yacht from Elandra Yachts was launched at Coomera on Australia’s Gold Coast in early September.

“[Elandra 53] is everything we envisioned back in late 2012 and began building in March last year,” says Elandra Yachts Managing Director Luke Durman. “We are a small group and every person has given an extraordinary effort to build a boat that is as close to perfection as we could have hoped.”

As the boat was being prepared for launch, Durman welcomed newly appointed Victorian agent Scott O'Hare to the Elandra yard.

Elandra 53 Launched In Australia 1

(Scott O'Hare and Luke Durman in the saloon of the Elandra 53)

"Everything about this boat is more than I had expected," says O'Hare. "I have not seen so much space on a boat this size before. I was pleasantly surprised at how significant so many of the dimensions are; the walk-around decks, head room, cockpit space and forward cabin are all class leading. The Elandra can only be described as tasteful, stunning, clever.”

"There has been extraordinary interest in the boat for a long time and we are delighted that we can now demonstrate her to the world,” says Durman.

Elandra 53 Launched In Australia

(Grant Senior, responsible for Elandra's operations and naval architecture, and Luke Durham on the Elandra 53)

The Elandra 53 will be on display at Australia's Gold Coast Marine Expo Oct 17-19.