Published: Monday, 15 September 2014

The 2014 Régates Royales de Cannes – Trophée Panerai, Sept 20-28, is going to be a multifaceted show that will fit splendidly with the spirit of the Régates.

Rgates Royales Trophe Panerai 2014 To Be Held Sept 20 28

The 64-foot yawl Manitou was called the floating White House, a stunning yacht President John Fitzgerald Kennedy used to sail, inviting special guests onboard, such as Marilyn Monroe. This yacht, an icon of a bygone era, has now become a regular in the Mediterranean waters.

Alcyon is a 9.5 metre long boat that is a replica of the vessel that dominated the racing scene on the Cote d'Azur in 1871, with its powerful, fast and modern design. Today, the boat is owned by Edith Frilet, the niece of her first owner.

Rgates Royales Trophe Panerai 2014 To Be Held Sept 20 28 2 

From a different time and with a more contemporary style, the 8m France will have to use the best of her racing qualities to try and steal the victory from two other well known 8m, Carron 2 and Saskia.

Classic yacht lovers will be able to see magnificent boats such as Dorade, Altaïr, Elena of London, Mariquita, Moonbeam 4 – celebrating her 100th anniversary, Oiseau de Feu, Rowdy, Shamrock, Veronique and Wings

“These beautiful boats come back once more to highlight the natural charm of the Bay of Cannes, offering a true spectacle and a pleasure for the eye,” says Jacques Flori, President of the Yacht Club de Cannes.

Rgates Royales Trophe Panerai 2014 To Be Held Sept 20 28. 

“We are happy to welcome back the 12M, the old but classy America's Cup boats, their racing is always so spectacular and action packed,” says Gérard Pascalini, Managing Officer of the Société des Régates de Cannes. With Ikra, Trivia, Vanity V, Vim and Wings on the water the show is guaranteed to be spectacular.

The Dragon class will boast a top-level line-up this year, with many European and international stars entered to race on the Régates Royales de Cannes. 2013 winner Gavia Wilkinson Cox (UK) on Jerboa will try to beat her fiercest competitors: Ar Yuleg, Cloud and Annapurna. With more than 40 entries, the race area will be centre stage for battles where consistency, skill and tactics will be tried and tested.