Published: Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The annual general meeting of Asia Pacific Superyachts was held on Oct 4 in Phuket, Thailand. Gordon Fernandes, who heads up the Phuket office, welcomed managing directors representing Koh Samui, Phuket, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore and New Zealand.

The agenda included introducing the new Operations Manager for APS Indonesia, Thomas Taacje. The benefits of exhibiting at the Monaco Yacht were discussed and the possibility is being considered. Scott Walker, Managing Director of APS Singapore announced plans to exhibit at the Singapore Yacht Show and has confirmed a location. Captain Jimmy Blee of APS Indonesia will present at the Asia Pacific Superyacht Conference held two days prior to the Singapore Yacht Show.

Asia Pacific Superyachts Holds Annual General Meeting

A guest speaker from marine supplier S.D.A. Group of Bangkok gave a presentation on “IT Issues and Areas of Improvement” as well as “How to Improve Visual Concept” along with an update on website activities and social media.

Company goals and areas to expand were discussed and the APS Director of PR and Communications presented “The Power of PR”.