Published: Friday, 03 October 2014

Duthie Lidgard, Managing Director of Asia Pacific Superyachts New Zealand announced that the company has signed on as agents for Coast New Zealand.

Asia Pacific Superyachts Nz Signs On With Coast Nz

(Duthie Lidgard, Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ)

“Coast New Zealand will be one of our core luxury products we will offer and promote to our charter guests and clients within New Zealand and to the new builds in Europe,” says Jeanette Tobin, founder of Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ.

In 2003 Nicola and Alex Webster started Coast New Zealand with the goal of establishing a luxury brand that reflects New Zealand’s particular quality of life.

Coast New Zealand designs a range of luxury luggage, indoor and outdoor bean bags, pillows and homeware accessories.

Asia Pacific Superyachts Nz Signs On With Coast Nz 1

(Photo courtesy Coast New Zealand)

“From the outset we have drawn inspiration from the rewards and challenges of life by the sea: simple, relaxing and beautiful, but rugged and unforgiving,” says owner Nicola Webster.  Inevitably, our design process has concentrated as much on materials and construction as on aesthetics and style, to ensure that everything we make is not only enduring, but timeless.”