Published: Thursday, 09 October 2014

Chinese builder Pride Mega Yachts unveiled its 108.8m project Tomorrow at the Monaco Yacht Show in September. The project is being finalised, with engineering work beginning soon. Construction will start in 2015.

Pride Mega Yachts Reveal 1088m Project Tomorrow 

Tomorrow is a six-deck vessel able to accommodate up to 26 guests and 30 crewmembers. Naval architecture is by Azure Naval Architects, the exterior and interior design are by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design.

Providing independence and comfort Tomorrow is well-suited as a family yacht, an exploration base and for socialising and high-end entertainment. The interior styling exudes a luxurious laid back beach style, personalised by the owner’s choice of artwork. Warm and open spaces are embellished with custom furniture, rich materials, intricate patterns and complementary natural textures.  

Pride Mega Yachts Reveal 1088m Project Tomorrow 1

Sweeping lines and circular forms create a functional yet spatial experience. Curved ceiling-to-floor glass and panelling on the three top decks of the superstructure and the two other aft decks open up unobstructed views and easy access to the outside areas.

Pride Mega Yachts Reveal 1088m Project Tomorrow 2

A special interior feature is a large nautilus shell-inspired staircase, connecting all decks except the sun deck. A round skylight that bathes every deck in natural light highlights the staircase.

Tomorrow maximises all exterior spaces, with a focus on social interaction. Stunning views combine with well-equipped spaces, replete with sunbeds, pools and hot tubs. On the main deck a circular pool with recessed seating is a focal point. 

Pride Mega Yachts Reveal 1088m Project Tomorrow 3

Sliding ceiling-to-floor glass doors seamlessly connect the exterior to the interior spaces. Accessibility to the aft decks is further facilitated by a split-level set-up, which accommodates the half-circular exterior stairs. On the aft deck, a swim platform connects to a large indoor beach club, allowing guests to enjoy time close to the sea.