Published: Thursday, 09 October 2014

Project Triple Deuce is coming. At 222 metres (728.4') she will take over the title of world’s largest yacht.

“Project Triple Deuce is about to set the world on fire as not only the largest private yacht ever built, coming in at a whopping 222 metres (728.4'), but also the most expensive, at a cost of over US$1 billion,” says Craig Timm, Yacht Broker at 4Yacht Inc. and the broker responsible for selling Project Triple Deuce to his client.

Project Triple Deuce To Be The Worlds Largest Yacht At 222m

To put this massive yacht in perspective, the size of Triple Deuce even dwarfs some cruise ships. As an example, Costa Cruises has a ship named Costa Classic that is 722’ long and carries 1,308 passengers and 590 crewmembers. But Triple Deuce is a private yacht, and is designed to carry only 36 guests in opulent luxury with a crew of 90-100.

The yacht’s top speed will be over 30 knots (35mph). To get to that speed, she will be powered by triple gas turbine engines with over 100,000 horsepower. The yacht also has no rudders, as electric podded propulsion units, such as the ones found on Queen Mary 2 will handle manoeuvring.

The owner’s suite, at 275m2 (2960ft2) over two stories, will encompass nearly one full deck of space in the seven-deck yacht, and offer unparalleled views. It will feature two staterooms, and will include private access to a helipad and an elevator from an exclusive drive in dock, as well as all the luxury amenities you would expect. The owner’s suite also offers a private gym, office and study, private dining area, butler’s stateroom and more.

All guests will have access to the yacht’s two pools – one indoor, one outdoor – multiple hot tubs, spa facilities, full time masseuse, hair stylist and barber, as well as numerous water toys.

“It takes a person of vision, someone with a dream to own the world’s largest yacht and to bring it to reality,” says Timm. “We work almost exclusively with UHNWI (ultra high net worth individuals) and specialise in megayachts and superyachts.

“What our client was concerned about is that if we built the yacht to 200 metres, then someone would come along like Roman Abramovich when he built Eclipse at 163.5 metres, to barely ‘eclipse’ Sheikh Maktoum’s yacht, the 162-metre Dubai, by only 1.5 metres.” says Timm. “By building the yacht to 222 metres, he wants to make it difficult, if not impossible, to be ‘eclipsed’ himself.”

Project Triple Deuce To Be The Worlds Largest Yacht At 222m 1

Construction of Project Triple Deuce is slated to begin at a European shipyard, which has still yet to be decided, in the next 6-12 months, with a target delivery date of spring 2018. The yacht will be built under the 100 A1 Passenger Ship Classification and be fully PYC (Passenger Yacht Code) compliant.

Current large super yachts run about €3.5 million to €4 million per metre to build at the best European shipyards. This means Project Triple Deuce will cost €777 million to €888 million, or at the current USD exchange rate, US$1.1 billion to US$1.2 billion.

“Don’t forget to add in annual operating costs,” says Timm. “On a yacht of this size, it will run the owner an additional US$20-US$35 million per year…we haven’t gotten there yet, but if the uber wealthy of the world have their way, Project Triple Deuce will be toppled in the future. How soon? That will be anybody’s guess.”