Published: Monday, 06 October 2014

La Belle Classe Superyachts is a label that was created by the Yacht Club de Monaco in 2005 to support owners in navigation and choice of ports worldwide. During the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show in September, Francois Fiat, the first La Belle Classe Superyachts Ambassador presented the M/V Yersin, a 77m vessel designed to navigate in any conditions, including ice exploration. M/V Yersin is the tool for achieving the Adventure Science Education (A.S.E.) project.

The 77m Mv Yersin To Travel Explore And Educate 1

Designed to take up to 20 passengers, the vessel has a range of 12,000 nautical miles and 50 days without having to take on supplies, avoiding any exterior or interior pollutant releases. Among the many innovative features is the fact that she can accommodate a seaplane.

Encouraged by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the vessel will contribute to the preservation of our planet, with the support of researchers and scientists globally, as well as the participation of children and students.

The 77m Mv Yersin To Travel Explore And Educate

The ship is named in honour of Dr Alexandre Yersin who spent 50 years in Indochina. His research into the diphtheria toxin and discovery of the bacillus behind the bubonic plague in 1894 earned him international recognition, after which he dedicated his life to the local people of the future Vietnam.

M/V Yersin will be christened in Monaco in June 2015.