Published: Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Marina at Christophe Harbour in St Kitts is offering complimentary dockage to yachts wishing to explore the nearly completed development.

Visitors entering on yachts between 30 and 60m can enjoy three nights free of charge at the Marina.

Complimentary Berths Offered At Christophe Harbour In St Kitts

The Marina at Christophe Harbour forms the third point in the cruising triangle of St Kitts, Antigua and St Maarten. It is expected to attract yachts looking for a new destination.

Berths are available up to 65-metres, with a draft of 5.6-metres. The marina features a professionally engineered entry and turning basin. The location is a designated point of entry and expedited customs clearance ensures guests clear into the country quickly. The yacht owners benefit from the yacht-friendly legislation the Federation has implemented. The Marina at Christophe Harbour offers reduced bunkering costs due to no import duties on the import or sale of fuel. It is 15-minutes from an airport and will feature 300 berths when its finished.

Berth purchases are freehold, not leasehold, and come with the opportunity to gain citizenship in a nation with no personal tax or residency requirement for citizenship.

The complimentary package also includes access to SALT Plage, Christophe Harbour’s seaside bar. A pier stretches 82 feet into the bay, offering 1,450 square feet to dock tenders and a spread of lounging areas to watch the sunset.