Published: Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Spirit Yachts announces that the Spirit 65 will be on display at the Singapore Yacht Show April 23-26.

The yacht is currently being finished at the shipyard in Ipswich, England. It will be shipped directly to Pontoon C1 at the Singapore Yacht Show.

The Spirit Asia Team, based in Hong Kong, are expanding on the existing world portfolio of 63 yachts.

Spirit Yachts Strengthens Presence In Hong Kong

“We’re excited to be introducing Spirit Yachts to Asia,” says Chloe French, Director of Spirit Yachts Asia. “We anticipate that our brand new 65’ classic yacht will create a stir at the Singapore Yacht Show in April. The craftsmen in the UK are putting the final touches to her and elegant interior and our engineers are working full steam ahead on the hydraulics and electric systems to fine-tune her sailing performance. This yacht is state of the art beauty and technology combined. Commissioning her in January will be the start of a very exciting journey.”

Spirit Yachts Strengthens Presence In Hong Kong

Spirit Yachts has perfected the build technique for lightweight and immensely strong wooden yachts. Stainless steel space frames and state of the art carbon rigs make these the ultimate racer-cruiser reaching speeds over 19 knots. Beauty and style are hallmarks, highlighted in Casino Royale where the Spirit 54 features as Bond’s yacht of choice. Handcrafted in Britain, every one is unique and tailor made to the client’s specifications.

Spirit Yachts Strengthens Presence In Hong Kong 1