Published: Monday, 17 November 2014

248 competitors took part in this year’s RHKYC Around the Island Race in association with Simpson Marine.

Race officer Inge Strompf-Jepsen and Deputy Race Officer Brenda Davies had 90 minutes of start sequences to set up on two lines, with a strong ebb tide and very little breeze.

Youth Sailor Wins Rhkyc Around The Island Race 1

All classes started as planned, with no general recalls but lots of individual boats calling OCS. Most of the boats that were over the line early chose to accept a 5% time penalty instead of trying to fight their way back to the line to restart.

Youth Sailor Wins Rhkyc Around The Island Race 6

The 200+ boat parking lot off Hung Hom was an impressive sight from the shore, but sailors had to be vigilant about keeping their distance from other boats in the bottleneck trying to get out of Victoria harbour.

Youth Sailor Wins Rhkyc Around The Island Race 5 

Relief came at around 1030 when the breeze freshened and the front of the fleet started to pick up speed.

With steady breeze through beyond Stanley Gate, Strompf-Jepsen toyed with the idea of allowing the boats to continue to Green Island, but with only 0-2kts at Cyberport and with RP72 Jelik in sight, a shortened course at Ap Lei Chau was considered to be the best course of action.

Youth Sailor Wins Rhkyc Around The Island Race

Jelik claimed line honours just under 3 hours after her start, with TP52 FreeFire a worthy second on the water some 17 minutes later. From then on, a wall of spinnakers descended on the finish line until the final boat, Shahna Bacal, crossed just before 1600.

Youth Sailor Wins Rhkyc Around The Island Race 3

Provisional results show 420 RHKYC “Sharks” sailors Calum Gregor and Wilhelm Christensson coming out on top of the ATI results, with another 420, Sea School 1 helmed by Ka Chun Siu in second place and Etchells Jezebel helmed by Peter Backe in third. The overall prizegiving will take place at RHKYC Kellett Island on Nov 17 starting at 1900.

(Images: RHKYC / Xaume Olleros)