Published: Monday, 22 December 2014

APS Indonesia has appointed Thomas Taacjes as Operations Manager.

“Thomas grew up in Phuket after his parents sailed their yacht there and stayed. The ocean has remained a passion and he is an accomplished surfer as well as sailor, making him the perfect fit for life in Indonesia, working with the best yachts in the world,” says Richard Lofthouse of APS Indonesia.

New Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia Operations Manager 2

(APS Indonesia Operations Manager Thomas Taacjes)

“After finishing a refit job in Thailand as well as some captaining and crewing roles, this felt like the next challenge for me to take on,” Taacjes says. “I am just thrilled to be in Indonesia and part of the dynamic team that makes cruising such a huge archipelago possible. It is a very exciting time for us.”

APS Indonesia was the first superyacht support agency in Indonesia. Over the past six years it has brought more than 220 yachts to Indonesia.

Indonesia has the largest archipelago in the world with more than 17, 500 islands. Every island has its own culture and personality, making the region perfect for island hopping.

Asia-Pacific Superyachts specialises in the service and care of the largest and most important yachts arriving and cruising in Asia Pacific waters.