Published: Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Almouj Marina announces a pioneering eco experiment that will see the region’s first installation of oyster long-lines potentially contributing to the slowing of the worldwide decline of oyster production.

Spearheaded by Dr Olivier Guelorget (an Aquaculture Advisor to Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth) the experiment will see a 100-metre long-line installed at the Mourjan Marinas-managed Almouj Marina.

Omans Almouj Marina Lines Up Breakthrough Oyster Experiment 2

(Photo: Khalil Abujaber with Dr Oliver Guelorget) 

“We are delighted that Almouj Marina has been chosen as the host for this breakthrough eco experiment," says Khalil AbuJaber, Marina Manager of Almouj Marina. "As Oman’s premier marina we always look to be at the forefront of pioneering new developments and initiatives."

The project, for which surveys have been conducted to confirm Oman’s waters as a world-leading environment for oyster growth, will be the first-of-its-kind in the Middle East.

A long-line is a rope anchored at the bottom of the sea at both ends with the middle being maintained at the surface of the water with buoys. The oysters are attached to “droppers” from the surface line allowing good water movement which facilitates growth.

Following successful testing in May 2014, research saw the growth of 10,000 juvenile oysters hung in baskets in the sea corresponded to more than one year’s growth for the same type of oysters in French waters.

Omans Almouj Marina Lines Up Breakthrough Oyster Experiment 3

“Our guests’ convenience is at the forefront of our minds and it was important to ensure that the oyster long-lines would have minimal operational or visual impact, and that the ecological benefits were in line with Almouj Marina and The Wave, Muscat’s values.”

In addition to assisting in the growth of a declining species the oysters act as a natural filter for water, thus contributing to the cleanliness of Almouj Marina.

“The production of oysters is declining everywhere in the world, particularly in Europe," says Guelorget.

Omans Almouj Marina Lines Up Breakthrough Oyster Experiment 4

“We have used oyster long-lines in Europe now for around 20 years, but this new installation in Almouj Marina marks the first time we expand into the Middle East.”

Almouj Marina is a premier marina facility and flagship yachting destination, situated in Oman’s residential development, The Wave, Muscat, in the heart of the capital.