Published: Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Recently, Alain Thébault and his team welcomed GEO Magazine journalist Lars Abromeit on board Hydroptere. Abromeit is the author of a 10-page article about the Hydroptere team and their pioneering spirit.

Speed And Lightness Propel Hydroptere

Abromeit was invited along to experience the sensation of flying three metres above the surface of the water, and to sail up to speeds of 31 knots, at night.

Speed And Lightness Propel Hydroptere 1

"During our sailing sessions, we had the opportunity to meet two whales and to be escorted by dolphins,” says Thébault. “Unfortunately we also noticed the presence of many floating plastic waste, not only related to the tsunami."

Speed And Lightness Propel Hydroptere 2

California companies Finesse Solutions and Shasta Crystals, have made it possible for Hydroptere to sail again. Based in Los Angeles, the sporting objective remains breaking the speed record for a transpacific crossing. This is expected to happen by spring of 2015.