Published: Tuesday, 03 February 2015

Gulf Craft recently launched three Majesty superyachts in one week. 

The UAE-based builder will be displaying the latest models at the Kuwait Yacht Show held Feb 3-7, the Dubai International Boat Show, Mar 3-7 and the Singapore Yacht Show held Apr 23-26.

“This achievement of putting three of our Majesty Yachts into the water in such a short time further underlines Gulf Craft’s growing credentials as an international superyacht builder,” says Erwin Bamps, CEO of Gulf Craft. “We have truly made our mark on the global superyacht scene through our innovative approach to design and manufacturing, allowing us to offer a unique standard of product and service to our global customers.”

Gulf Craft Launches Three Majesty Yachts

Every yacht is personalised to meet the owner’s needs. From intricate interior design, including gold leaf and handcrafted wood panelling to the overall layout, Gulf Craft offers first class quality.

“By displaying the Majesty Yachts at three major industry events in three different countries, Gulf Craft is again extending its geographic reach, and helping to promote and strengthen the reputation of the UAE in the luxury yacht market,” says Bamps.

Gulf Craft will invest US$ 100 million over the next five years developing a world-class facility at Dubai Maritime City for the manufacturing of mega and superyachts.