Published: Friday, 13 February 2015

The annual Lagoon Rendez-Vous, organised by Simpson Marine and Lagoon, took place at Yalong Bay Marina and Sunny Bay on Feb 6. In total, eight Lagoons cruised the scenic surroundings before mooring in Sunny Bay, where guests relaxed, some even taking the time to do a little fishing. There were five Lagoon 620s, two Lagoon 450s and one Lagoon 400 in the group.

Lagoon Rendez Vous Held In Sanya Feb 6 3

When night fell, everyone came back on shore and prepared for the Lagoon Gala dinner at Park Hyatt in Sunny Bay. Over 200 yacht owners and guests attended. Lagoon’s success in China was celebrated in style at this luxury resort where entertainment was provided throughout the evening.

Lagoon Rendez Vous Held In Sanya Feb 6 5

Sanya has attracted over 15 Lagoons to its marina at Yalong Bay Yacht Club, making it one of the most concentrated locations for Lagoon globally. 

Lagoon Rendez Vous Held In Sanya Feb 6 4