Published: Monday, 16 February 2015

The foundations for sailing in China continues to grow as Dongfeng Race Team’s Chinese sailors prepare to take part in the EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour. The six leg race from Muscat, Oman to Bahrain was created and is managed by Oman Sail – another ground-breaking project that OC Sport helped set up in 2008-2009 – helping to develop sailing in the Sultanate of Oman. 

The team, called “GAC Pindar powered by Dongfeng”, will consist mainly of Dongfeng Race Team’s Chinese sailors and shore crew as they continue their quest to become professional offshore sailors. The partnership with GAC Pindar is a natural one, already a partner to OC Sport’s Extreme Sailing Series, and a key partner to the Volvo Ocean Race.

Practice Makes Perfect Dongfeng Prepares For Efg Sailing Arabia

As the rotation of the Chinese sailors onboard Dongfeng Race Team in the Volvo Ocean Race continues for Leg 4, so does the training program that runs parallel to the race. As we know our Chinese sailors need all the training they can get and it’s opportunities to participate in regattas such as the Hainan Island Regatta, China Cup and EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour that allow the young Chinese sailors to get the additional practice required to take on an event like the Volvo Ocean Race.

“This is part of the wider ambition of the Dongfeng project, beyond the journey of Volvo Ocean Race,” says Team Director, Bruno Dubois. “Where other team’s reserves can go home, our Chinese sailors need all the training we can give them. Thanks to GAC Pindar we have been given this opportunity and it couldn’t have come at a better time. And thumbs up to the Chinese guys who are giving up a normally sacred Chinese New Year to take up this opportunity.”

Practice Makes Perfect Dongfeng Prepares For Efg Sailing Arabia 1 

Described as “super competitive” the Dongfeng Chinese sailors have been making a name for themselves by participating in smaller regattas with Skipper Nick Moloney, who was part of Bruno Peyron’s winning Jules Verne Trophy campaign, sailing non-stop around the world in 2002 and competing in the Vendée Globe in 2005, as well as America’s Cup and other top level campaigns.

EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour 2015 started Feb 15th following three days of training and is likely to take about 15 days.

Crew of GAC Pindar powered by Dongfeng:

Nick Moloney

Ying Kit Cheng

Liu Ming (Leo)

Yuye Yan

ChenChen Kong

Henry Woodhouse