Published: Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Transpacific Yacht Race has received entries from 60 boats from five countries around the Pacific region, including 57 monohulls and 3 multihulls for its 48th edition. The biennial race takes sailors on a 2,225-mile course from Los Angeles to Honolulu and has three starts: Jul 13th, 16th and 18th. 

60 Entries Meet First Entry Deadline For 2015 Transpac

Entries for this year's race represent a wide spectrum of boat types, ranging in length from the 1921 102-foot Owens-designed Royal Canadian Navy sail-training ketch HMCS Oriole to the smallest boat in the current fleet - Yasuto Fuda's Feet 30 Fortissimo II from Japan.

Between these two extremes there are numerous entries that are starting to form up into familiar divisions of similar designs.

For example, this year there will be an unprecedented turnout of three 100-foot first-to-finish contenders: Roy Pat Disney and Bob Oatley's Aussie-America team on the Reichel/Pugh 100 Wild Oats, Syd Fischer's Aussie team on his Ragamuffin 100, and Manouch Moshayedi's recently-renovated Blakewell-White 100 Rio100 from Newport Beach. The first two have keel-canting systems that give them a boat-for-boat performance edge to be first to Hawaii and win the Merlin Trophy, and also to break the existing course record of 5D 14H 36M 20S. 

60 Entries Meet First Entry Deadline For 2015 Transpac 1

(Ragamuffin 100)

Yet Moshayedi's lightweight flyer with its fixed keel will be a top contender for the fabled Barn Door Trophy awarded to the first boat to finish without use of stored power. And although smaller in length, David and Peter Askew's R/P 74 Wizard will be returning to this year's race to seek a repeat of its 2013 Barn Door Trophy win.

60 Entries Meet First Entry Deadline For 2015 Transpac 2


Other boats in this first division will include Bob Lane's Andrews 63 Medicine Man, Lorenzo Berho's Kernan 70 Peligroso, and Tom Holthus's STP 65 Bad Pak, who is also returning from the 2013 race.

The next division will have several more modern high-performance designs, including TP 52s, who as a class were first introduced in the 2001 Transpac and have since then thrived as the premier international Grand Prix offshore class. This year three of the four 52s entered thus far are from Mexico, including Ricardo Brockman's R/P 52 Vincitore, who finished third in this class in the 2013 race.

The Ultra Light Displacement Boat (ULDB) Sleds were first introduced as a first-to-finish class in 1983, saw their popularity peak in the early '90s on the West Coast, then in the Great Lakes, and now back on the West Coast. The next division in this year's race will have several of these designs racing to Hawaii once again, with names like Grand Illusion, Holua, Maverick, and OEX making the scratch sheet resemble one from a Transpac of two decades ago.

60 Entries Meet First Entry Deadline For 2015 Transpac 3

(Lapworth 50 Westward)

There is a solid turnout of Santa Cruz 50s and SC 52s in the next division, with eight entries currently between these two designs, including the returning champion in this class, John Shulze's Santa Cruz 50 Horizon.

The three current multihull entries are all Gunboats, and one, Lloyd Thornburg's Gunboat 66 Phaedo, is returning this year after breaking its mast in the 2013 race and having undergone an extensive performance upgrade and refit.

Transpac rules require all skippers to sail at least 150 offshore miles on their boat before Jun 1st; many teams are taking advantage of several upcoming races in the Southern California sailing calendar to tune their boats and themselves in preparation for the big race.