Published: Friday, 27 March 2015

Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) Fiji is the newest member of the leading superyacht agency in the Asia-Pacific region and the “missing link” in the APS network now covering 17 APS offices in 15 countries.

Fiji Joins The Asia Pacific Superyachts Network 1

Superyachts can now transit from Panama and be covered by the APS network from Tahiti, Fiji, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and onwards throughout the complete Asia-Pacific Region.

“The missing link between Asia and the Pacific has now been filled with the establishment of Asia Pacific Superyachts Fiji,” says David Jamieson of APS. “Fiji is a must see destination in the South Pacific with a dedicated superyacht marina at Port Denarau. Last year we had 56 superyacht visits to Fiji with nearly all our superyachts coming through Panama into the Pacific. A good percentage continued west to Asia.”

Fiji Joins The Asia Pacific Superyachts Network 2

The island paradise of Fiji has long been a well-known destination for those in search of sun, sea and diverse cultures in the South Pacific. Famous for its clear waters, soft coral reefs and unspoiled lagoons, and over 300 islands, Fiji is an extraordinary destination for exploring superyachts.

Fiji Joins The Asia Pacific Superyachts Network

With APS and the Port Denarau Marina located on Denarau Island, the largest of Fiji's islands, Fiji is transforming from a cruising destination into a superyacht hub for the southwest Pacific region.