Published: Wednesday, 04 March 2015

The Italian yacht manufacturer Overmarine Group has appointed Henry Goulding to promote the Mangusta and Mangusta Oceano brands in Singapore, where the group is currently concentrating its efforts.

Overmarine Group Now In Singapore 1

Henry Goulding is a commercially certified yacht master, having built up considerable experience sailing in Europe, the US and Asia, where he now lives and works. Having spent time working on chartered yachts, Goulding knows how to make a yacht experience unforgettable, build an excellent relationship with crews and manage a yacht.

Over the past few years, Overmarine has been paying particular attention to the Asia-Pacific region. The company is continuing to develop its strategy to make Mangusta an international brand, focussing strongly on new areas of the globe that are aimed at integrating the traditional European and American nautical markets.

The area around Singapore offers many interesting destinations near-at-hand, which is perfect for fast yachts. This makes Singapore a strategic market for Mangusta, which has been a leader of cutting-edge Maxi Open Yachts for over 30 years, featuring artisan work, top performance and safety, onboard comfort, Italian style and customised interiors.

The Overmarine Group and Henry Goulding will be present at the Singapore Yacht Show Apr 23-26.