Published: Friday, 20 March 2015

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC) congratulates the Hong Kong Sailing Federation (HKSF) after hearing that on the advice of the Sports Commission, sailing has joined the ranks of sports that will receive ‘Tier A’ support from the Elite Training Programme run by the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) for the four-year elite sport funding cycle up to 2019.

HKSI is the government’s agent responsible for providing a high quality training environment and support services for high performance athletes with the aim of developing athlete's skills in order to achieve good results at international sporting events. 

Sailing In Hong Kong Promoted To Tier A Ranking 1.

(Image: Guy Nowell / RHKYC)

Under the HKSAR Government’s Elite Vote Support Scheme (EVSS), achievements of both senior and junior athletes at major international competitions are used as the selection criterion to identify high performance sports to be supported by the HKSI for a period of four years. 

This review is conducted every two years, which is aligned with the Asian Games and Olympic Games cycles, to provide stable support for the selected sports.

In preparation for the review, HKSF sent many sailors to international events including the Asian Sailing Championships and last year’s Asian Games where they garnered enough points to qualify.  HKSF then collated the results and made their submission to HKSI for the Tier A approval.

“This gives sailing the recognition that it deserves as a major sport in Hong Kong and now allows Hong Kong athletes a pathway to achieve their sailing goals,” says President of HKSF, Warwick Downes.

The level of support at Tier A includes funding for elite training programmes, dedicated coaching led by a Head Coach, full sports science and medical support, and athlete development programmes.  HKSI Scholarship Athletes of Elite Sports (Tier A) will also have access to the Elite Training Grant (ETG) under the Individual Athletes Support Scheme (IASS).

“This is great news for our sport here in Hong Kong, obviously,” says RHKYC Rear Commodore Sailing, Anthony Day. “We are looking forward to seeing some improved results around the region with the significant increase in funding and support that comes with this promotion to Tier A.”