Published: Friday, 24 April 2015

Benetti Yachts announces its strong participation in the 2015 Singapore Yacht Show being held this weekend, Apr 23-26.

Asia is becoming ever more important strategically in the superyacht market. As it's wealth increases, the area's overall growth influences the number of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) who prefer to invest their time and money purchasing luxury items such as yachts.

Benetti Highlights Strong Participation In 2015 Singapore Yacht Show Apr 23 26.

In 2013, at 17.3% Asia had the highest regional growth in the world, reducing their gap to the leading region, North America, to just ten thousand individuals. This gap should be closed completely in the near future. The combined worth of HNWI's in the Asian Pacific region in 2013 was the equivalent of US$14.2 billion. 

Based on these important trends and the commercial success over the last five years, Benetti, the world's leading builder of superyachts over 24 metres in length for fifteen consecutive years, has increased its presence in the Asia-Pacific region to take advantage of the area's enormous potential.

Benetti's primary office in the Far East is in Hong Kong. Leading the Benetti team is Luigi Adamo, General Manager, with Alberto Giannerini as Service Manager and Natalie Ye as Marketing Manager.

Benetti Highlights Strong Participation In 2015 Singapore Yacht Show Apr 23 26 1

Since April 2015 the Benetti Service offices are located in the Gold Coast Marina. Benetti can count on a well-prepared and competent team that will permit the company to develop its presence in the regional market.

In five years Benetti has sold 390 metres of superyachts: two Delfino 93’ (28m), one Classic 121’ (37m), one Classic Supreme 132’ (40.2m), three Custom 55m and one Custom 60m. Contracts for a Classic 121’ (37m), Custom 60m and a Custom 72m are presently at an advanced stage and will probably be closed within the year 2015.

One of the vessels currently spearheading Benetti construction is the FB276, specifically designed for the Asian market. At 63m the on spec build will be launched in June 2017. The yacht has been adapted the to the tastes of Asian owners, who are not fond sunbathing or the outdoor life, but who nevertheless appreciate high standards of luxury, comfort and technology.

Benetti Highlights Strong Participation In 2015 Singapore Yacht Show Apr 23 26 2

The extended upper deck lounge area, with its own bar, sofas and hot tub, is partially covered, as is the beach area astern, while keeping everything available for having fun on the water.  

A lot of thought has gone into the living areas, considering the possible uses for private parties or work functions, specifically the enormous main saloon with a secondary saloon on the upper deck complete with a long bar counter.

“As soon as I was nominated Asian General Manager, the first actions I wanted to undertake were directed towards increased attention to our brokers regional network,” says Luigi Adamo, General Manager for Benetti Asia. “It is fundamental to keep them up to date on our products, improving the definition of the brand. Further important steps were to nominate a new Head of Service for the Hong Kong office, and the new opening of the Service Office in the Gold Coast Marina. This way, with our strong local presence, we will be able to serve our clients throughout 360 degrees.”

Benetti Highlights Strong Participation In 2015 Singapore Yacht Show Apr 23 26

Among the more recent vessels sold and delivered Benetti highlights three milestones: Ocean Paradise (55m, 2013), a custom build with high impact minimal-chic interior styling for a young Singapore owner; Lady Candy (56m, 2014), another custom build for a Chinese owner; Mingfa (40m, 2014), the fifth model of the 132' Classic Supreme line.

Mingfa, with her over length of 40.24 metres is recognisable for her full height windows along the main and upper decks, providing excellent illumination for the interior decks and a more racy profile. There are further features that have made the Classic Supreme 132' very competitive: the balcony for the owners cabin, a twin hot tub (one forward on the upper deck, the other on the sun deck), as well as open air external stairs.