Published: Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Businessmen and yachtsmen Dick Beaumont and Roger Goldsmith recently launched Kraken Marine, a purpose-focused yachts manufacturer based in Hong Kong.  

Kraken Marine Opens In Hong Kong 1

(Kraken Marine's Aspire 64)

Kraken Marine builds yachts that are designed, engineered and built for their intended purpose, whether blue-water offshore cruising, luxury motor yachting or purebred sail racing utilising cutting edge technology.

“Our ethos is born out of the passionate belief that yachts should be designed, built and delivered with a single purpose in mind,” explains Managing Director Goldsmith.  “Many yachts are now marketed to be all things to all people, resulting in compromised safety requirements or performance. There is no such thing as a yacht suitable for all purposes. Kraken Marine strives to build the best yachts for their defined requirements.”

Kraken Marine represents the culmination of its partners’ more than 40 years of business experience in China and greater Asia. In partnership with established builders in Taiwan and China, Kraken is able to produce its yachts at an exceptionally high international standard and quality, but at a cost to clients that builders elsewhere cannot match.

Kraken Marine’s first two brands are Bluewater Sailing Yachts and Aspire Motor Yachts. 

Kraken Marine Opens In Hong Kong 6

(Kraken Marine's Bluewater 66)

Bluewater Sailing Yachts have been designed with the experience of more than 100,000 ocean cruising and racing miles. The company’s flagship model, a Bluewater 66 named White Dragon, incorporates a wealth of ground-breaking features and innovations that take safe, comfortable passage making to new levels combined with luxurious and energy efficient life on board at sea, at anchor or in the marina.

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Aspire Motor Yachts feature a high level of customisation that allows customers to meet with its interior designers to specify their own dream yacht. Timeless hand craftsmanship and an attention to detail using high quality materials create a world-beating luxury motor yacht. Aspire clients are able to own a larger, fully bespoke and more beautifully appointed and specified yacht than is available at a comparable cost from other manufacturers.

Kraken Marine Opens In Hong Kong

Kraken Marine Opens In Hong Kong 2

Kraken Marine’s office is at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club.

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