Published: Monday, 29 June 2015

BMT Asia Pacific (BMT) has unveiled SeaScape – a new coastal living concept of floating villas.

Bmt Introduces Seascape Floating Villas 4

The concept features clean lines and open air spaces, housed on a stylised triangular platform base. Each villa can exist standalone or as part of a larger integrated complex.

“In the hotel and tourism space we know we need to offer not only a unique experience, but also competitive costs and feasible deployment and operation,” says BMT Asia Pacific Managing Director Richard Colwill.  “Our new series of floating villas demonstrates that it is possible to offer exceptional luxury through a simple, yet elegant modular design.”

Bmt Introduces Seascape Floating Villas

The key feature of SeaScape is a superb underwater bedroom. Its triangular shape allows additional real estate to be added on in 700-square-foot units, with a variety of options that include internal pools and sun decks. The modular design has focused on reducing transport costs for construction and installation at remote sites.

SeaScape is the modular sister of Sea-Suite, a series of egg-shaped floating villas and beach cabins developed in 2013 by BMT.  After noting interest in Sea-Suite from homeowners and developers across oceans, BMT evolved the SeaScape design to provide the solution to logistical challenges of long-distance shipping and installation at remote sites.

Bmt Introduces Seascape Floating Villas 1

“We are very pleased to be introducing SeaScape to the luxury resort market. This addition to BMT’s Floating Villas portfolio offers even more options and flexibility to our customers to develop an unforgettable holiday experience for their guests,” says Colwill.