Published: Wednesday, 24 June 2015

At a ceremony in the Principality of Monaco, attended by His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, His Grace René Giuliano Vicar General of Monaco blessed the 77-metre exploration ship Yersin.

Mv Yersin Blessed At Ceremony In Monaco

Owner and member of the Yacht Club de Monaco, as well as La Belle Classe Superyachts ambassador François Fiat, designed, monitored the construction process and selected the equipment and fittings of Yersin. Fiat had the help of his wife, his Captain Jean Dumarais, and his Chief Engineer Yordan Hristoy.

La Belle Classe Superyachts unite owners determined to safeguard maritime heritage and promote new technologies towards sustainable development.

Mv Yersin Blessed At Ceremony In Monaco 1

“I wanted a boat that could sail anywhere, in any weather, with a reinforced hull for the ice,” says Fiat. “As her vocation is exploration we wanted to set aside 70% of the space to communal and technical areas.”

The M/V Yersin has been built around the A.S.E. project, with three key objectives in mind as to how the vessel will be deployed: Adventure, Science and Education.

“The Yersin is an exceptional vessel, a boat for cruising also designed for research purposes, and an impressive autonomy of several days or even several months,” says HSH Prince Albert II. “It is quite moving and extraordinary to think that thanks to Mr Fiat and his family, and his attachment to the Yacht Club de Monaco, this great adventure, where science and education take centre stage, can be revived.”

Mv Yersin Blessed At Ceremony In Monaco 2

The 77m vessel is packed with eco-friendly technology. Electric propulsion reduces the consumption of diesel fuel to half of what would be used with diesel engines. No waste material is discharged into the sea and grey water is recycled for washing the boat and producing freshwater.

Yersin is spacious enough for 18 passengers and 18 crewmembers allowing guests to bring children along. The A.S.E project welcomes younger generations onboard in order to educate on protecting the environment.

Mv Yersin Blessed At Ceremony In Monaco 3

The ship is named in honour of Dr Alexandre Yersin who spent 50 years in Indochina. His research into the diphtheria toxin and discovery of the bacillus behind the bubonic plague in 1894 earned him international recognition, after which he dedicated his life to the local people of the future Vietnam.

After cruising the eastern Mediterranean and Adriatic Yersin will be a major attraction at the Monaco Yacht Show, September 23-26.