Published: Monday, 01 June 2015

In nine short weeks, Oceania Marine completed a full exterior re-paint and a raft of other works on the 46-metre motor yacht Vantage. It was a tough assignment and had to be achieved as the vessel was committed to being transported to its next destination by ship on a fixed date.

Oceania Marine Refits Palmer Johnson 46m Vantage 3

Despite the incredibly tight schedule, Oceania Marine delivered a high quality result and completed the re-paint to full specification including repairs, removal and reinstatement of caulking, fittings, hatches and doors.

Oceania Marine project manager Brent Charlesworth had overall control; and Cameron Powell supervised paint coatings.

“Our paint team peaked at 26, supported by engineers, fitters and boat-builders who did the removals and caulking,” Powell says. “We divided the painters into smaller work groups of 5 to 8 with team leaders tasked with specific aspects of the project. I have completed a lot of big projects with these guys and I know them all individually. We needed that experience on this job as we only had one chance to get it right – no time for re-work on this one!”

Oceania Marine Refits Palmer Johnson 46m Vantage 1

(Oceania Marine – North Shipyard – Port Whangarei)

In addition to the re-paint a work-list covering Lloyds survey, equipment servicing and maintenance was carried out including some carbon composite fabrication.

“My congratulations go out to all involved for making it on time and for the high standard achieved,” says Oceania Marine Managing Director Martin Gleeson. “As I heard said by one of the painters, ‘It would not be often when you do a project in such a short time you send away a happy client’.”

MY Vantage is a distinctive Palmer Johnson with the characteristic swept and streamlined profile of the Sport Yacht range. She will be off-loaded in Tahiti, where the owner will join her for cruising.

Oceania Marine started business at Port Whangarei, New Zealand in 2009 and has inherited a history from previous owners of the shipyards covering new construction, refit and repair going back 50 years. It operates at two sites within the port, close to each other, designated as North and South Shipyard.

Oceania Marine Refits Palmer Johnson 46m Vantage

(Oceania Marine – South Shipyard – Port Whangarei)

Over the last 15 years, the shipyards have developed the specialised skills to construct and service all types and sizes of vessels including superyachts. They are located at the centre of one of New Zealand’s leading marine districts providing an overall capability unsurpassed for quality and timeliness. The availability of repair berths, efficient haul and launch and extensive refit and paint sheds makes the shipyards a top destination for all ranges of project.

Here's a drone video of the Vantage re-launch: