Published: Wednesday, 08 July 2015

Baglietto Yachts launched the 13-metre Lap 1, the first MV13, at the Baglietto shipyard in La Spezia, Italy, on July 7.

Baglietto Launches 13m Lap 1 2 

Owner of the yacht Lapo Elkann was present at the launch ceremony.

The new yacht was designed and developed by Francesco Paszkowski Design in cooperation with Baglietto. Garage Italia Customs, Lapo Elkann’s enterprise, performed the customisation.

Baglietto Launches 13m Lap 1 1

(Owner Lapo Elkann)

The team restyled the exteriors using the Italia Independent digital camouflage. The pattern is obtained by hand painting using five different shades as well as transparent lacquering. Military-style finishes go hand in hand with the blue shade typical of Baglietto crafts.

The final result matches the MV line concept, which draws inspiration from underwater assault vehicles.

Baglietto Launches 13m Lap 1

Baglietto and Garage Italia Customs are now collaborating on the customisation of future motor vessels.