Published: Friday, 17 July 2015

Ancona, Italy shipyard CRN has signed a new contract for the construction of a 50-metre Superconero.

Crn Signs Contract For 50m Superconero 1


The new mega yacht, whose naval engineering project has been developed by CRN Engineering in cooperation with design firm Zuccon International Project, is a steel and aluminium50m long and 9m wide displacement yacht falling within the 500 GRT class.

The Superconero will include all the main systems and solutions developed by CRN over the years, including a balcony that can be enjoyed even while cruising, the opening terrace on the sea to relax when at anchor, the aft beach club and the Tender Bay, turning the technical room into an area to host guests with a pool.

“The Superconero line and the 50m projects we have conceived over the last few years with Zuccon International Project will enable CRN to offer world-class and high-quality, flawlessly-finished yachts, also thanks to the experience the shipyard has gained on previously built 70 and 80-metre vessels,” says CRN Chairman and CEO Lamberto Tacoli. “I am sure our customers will appreciate these new lines and everything they hold within.”

Crn Signs Contract For 50m Superconero 2


The 50m Superconero will be built alongside other yachts currently under construction: the 55m CRN M/Y Atlante, the 46m M/Y Eight, the first refit in CRN’s history, the 74m CRN 131, and the 77m CRN 135.