Published: Tuesday, 07 July 2015

Kohler Marine, manufacturer of diesel and gasoline marine generators for personal and commercial craft applications, is participating in the Lafayette's Hermione Voyage 2015.

Kohler Marine Participates In Hermione Lafayette Voyage

The historic voyage includes an Atlantic crossing as well as a tour of the eastern United States by an authentic reproduction of the Hermione. The 18th century frigate carried the French General Marquis de Lafayette to America in 1780 with news that France was sending more than 5,000 troops to help fight the British.

Inside the wooden hull of the Hermione, three Kohler Marine generators are among the limited modern machines incorporated into the ship’s design for enhanced safety and comfort.

Kohler Marine Participates In Hermione Lafayette Voyage 1

(Photo: Didier Pierre/Hermione Voyage)

A 300 kilowatt and a 400 kW generator provide electrical power to two propellers. An 80 kW generator is also on board and delivers continuous power for the ship’s electronics. All three generators were selected based upon their performance, reduced noise levels and low vibration. Minimising noise and vibration is especially important on a historic, wooden ship to help replicate the experience of sailing in the 1780’s.

“Everyone at Kohler Marine is proud to be playing a vital role in the overall performance of the Hermione as she sails along the eastern coast of the United States this summer,” says Kohler Marine Regional Sales Manager Bas Van Steeg. “We’re aligned with the spirit of adventure, innovation, and technical achievement represented by this project and we’re thrilled that the Hermione is now being celebrated around the globe.”

Kohler Marine Participates In Hermione Lafayette Voyage 2

(Photo: Betty Ann McInteer/Hermione Voyage)

The modern-day Hermione is 185-foot tall, 216ft long and carries a crew of 75. She was built over a 17-year period in Rochefort, France. Hermione departed Port des Barques in April and made landfall at Yorktown, Virginia on June 5, 2015. 

The frigate’s tour of the eastern US will conclude mid-July in Nova Scotia, Canada after visiting 12 ports. The public is invited to view the Hermione and participate in a wide range of dockside events, interpretive programs, and select onboard tours.

A video highlighting Kohler’s unique contributions to the Hermione can also be viewed here: