Published: Monday, 13 July 2015

The MOD 70 trimaran Phaedo3 has recorded the fastest elapsed (unofficial) time in the 2015 Transatlantic Race.

Phaedo3 Fastest Elapsed Time In Transatlantic Race 1

The 2,800-mile race from Newport, Rhode Island to Plymouth, England has drawn entries ranging from classic yachts to modern technical marvels, crewed by sailors with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. Each yacht was assigned to one of three starts (June 28, July 1 and July 5) that are geared toward having all boats arrive at the finish in close proximity to each other.

Phaedo3, owned and skippered by Lloyd Thornburg, had an elapsed time of seven days, two hours, four minutes and nine seconds. Thornburhg, co-skipper Brian Thompson and the rest of the crew were well ahead of a number of yachts with the July 5 start including Jim Clark’s 100-foot sled Comanche, George David’s Rambler 88, and Peter Aschenbrenner’s 63-foot trimaran Paradox.

Phaedo3 Fastest Elapsed Time In Transatlantic Race 2

Phaedo3 had an impressive seventh place finish overall. The crew averaged speeds in the high 20’s, coming in ahead of the majority of the fleet that started an entire week before they did.

In a 24-hour period, the Phaedo3 crew covered 652-nautical miles. In four days, 2,442nm were covered, averaging over 600 miles per day for those four days. The crew reached a top speed of 41.2 knots.

Phaedo3 Fastest Elapsed Time In Transatlantic Race 1.

Thornburg, Thompson, and several other Phaedo3 crew will continue the momentum at the Transpacific Yacht Race, from Los Angeles, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. The crew will be racing aboard Thornburg’s original Gunboat 66 Phaedo as he goes for a rare owner/driver offshore double. Again featuring staggered start times, Phaedo sets sail July 18.

A video of the Phaedo3 finish can be viewed here: