Published: Thursday, 02 July 2015

Superyacht Australia (SA) celebrated its third annual Tahiti Rendezvous on June 26.

Superyacht Australia Celebrated 3rd Tahiti Rendezvous 3

The networking event showcased the best of what Australia has to offer for visiting superyachts. A total of 18 Australian companies were present.

A key area of interest for Captains was learning more about the ability for foreign flagged vessels to charter in Australia.  SA had several superyacht agents on hand who were able to offer advice on these regulations. 

To confirm that Australia welcomes superyachts in the Pacific region, SA announced that vessels over 35 metres will gain greater access to the Great Barrier Reef by the end of this year and that the Australian Marine Safety Authority will recognize crew qualifications gained overseas.

Superyacht Australia Celebrated 3rd Tahiti Rendezvous 4

Concerns of berthing and refit facilities were answered directly by Australian International Marine Export Group, Marina & Shipyard and Abell Point Marina, among others.

To further enhance the marketing of Australia and the South Pacific region, South Pacific Superyachting was launched during the Australian Tahiti event.

“This is a significant step forward for all of us,” says Superyacht Australia CEO Maryanne Edwards. “This collaboration between New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji and Australia will see the 4 countries work together to market the region and showcase the amazing attributes and capabilities this whole region can offer to superyachts wanting to discover new destinations.”

Superyacht Australia Celebrated 3rd Tahiti Rendezvous 6

The launch further indicates the profile the South Pacific region is gaining within the global marketplace.  Having key stakeholders from each country join the Australian event confirms the cohesive approach these countries are taking. NZ Marine CEO Peter Bustfield alongside Superyacht Australia, Tahiti Tourism and Fiji made the formal announcement launching the new logo each country will use when profiling the region. 

"Joining forces to market the region as one cruising destination was the logical step forward for the South Pacific nations," says NZ Marine CEO Peter Busfield.

Superyacht Australia Celebrated 3rd Tahiti Rendezvous 5

The goal of the group is to double both the number of superyachts that visit the South Pacific annually and the amount of days they spend in the region by 2018. The parties involved are active in streamlining charter yacht entry laws between countries.

It is expected this event will continue to be a key event on the Australian calendar.