Published: Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The second edition of Taiwan International Boat Show (TIBS) will take place March 10-13, 2016 at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (KEC) and Horizon City Marina, jointly organised by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Kaohsiung City Government.

Taiwan Intl Boat Show 2016 Update 12

The expo is presented by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and supported by Taiwan Yacht Industry Association. A recent press conference for TIBS 2016 drew media from 12 countries and many Taiwanese publications to the southern city of Kaohsiung.

Taiwan Intl Boat Show 2016 Update 5

Asia’s largest indoor boat show, the biennial TIBS was first held in 2014 and brought US$170 million worth of business opportunities, including about US$33 million fetched from 32 yachts combined within a four-day show period.

TIBS 2016 will again take place at the oceanfront, 27m-high KEC, and be expanded to 20,250 square metres complete with outdoor, land and water display areas.

Taiwan Intl Boat Show 2016 Update 3

In the technology- and labour-intensive yacht industry, there is an increasing market trend on being large. The features of large yacht are customised and extremely superb quality. In addition, precision in luxury, comfort, horsepower and functionality is equally important. Due to Taiwan’s excellent craftsmanship, particularly when it comes to +80ft models, Taiwanese yacht makers have successfully gained a global position with #1 ranking in Asia and #6 across the globe.

Taiwan Intl Boat Show 2016 Update 7

(DYNA Yachts) 

Two of the world’s top 30 yacht manufacturers are from Taiwan: Horizon claims the 10th spot and Ocean Alexander is 14th. Currently, 80% of Taiwan’s boat-builders cluster in the harbour city of Kaohsiung, and Kaohsiung Harbor handles over 90% of national yacht exports. Holding TIBS in Kaohsiung gives buyers immediate access to shipyards nearby, and thus expedites their purchase decisions.

Among the 100 companies already signed up for TIBS, 23 yacht makers (Horizon, Ocean Alexander, Global, New Ocean Yacht, Grand Harbour, Kha Shing, etc) will present a total of 49 yachts.

Taiwan Intl Boat Show 2016 Update 11

Horizon is taking its impressive 2014 presence to a higher level with a 120ft yacht, while first-time participants Ocean Alexander and New Ocean plan to unveil large models exceeding 80 feet. All space to display yachts indoors has been sold out.

Taiwan Intl Boat Show 2016 Update 4

(Model of Global 68)

Meanwhile, the 77 registered parts and accessories exhibitors include returning exhibitors such as Aritex, Asia’s top brand; Solas, which supplies more than 90% of jet ski and 40% of boat propellers worldwide; Capital Machinery, the sole Taiwanese distributor of Caterpillar’s yacht engines and generators. These exhibitors will occupy 90% of the parts and accessories area including the Australia Pavilion.

Taiwan Intl Boat Show 2016 Update 9

(Aritex stainless steel products)

Taiwan Intl Boat Show 2016 Update 8

(ZF Marine) 

TIBS’ international exhibitors include companies from Japan, Australia, Italy, the US, France, New Zealand, Singapore and China that are booking space either by themselves or through regional agents.

Taiwan Intl Boat Show 2016 Update.

Among them is the Australia pavilion, organised by the Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX) as it did two years ago; Uchiyama Design from Japan; Jeanneau, a French yacht manufacturer making its debut in TIBS; US-based Brunswick Boat Group’s Quicksilver speedboat and fishing boat; British luxury yacht maker Princess; Galeon from Poland; Delta from Sweden; and Zar from Italy.

Taiwan Intl Boat Show 2016 Update

(Media tour of Horizon City Marina)

To further enhance TIBS’ international appeal, the organisers recently held a three-day media tour of Kaohsiung and Tainan boat, parts and accessory makers for 12 yachting journalists from the UK, Australia, the US, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, France, Brazil, Russia, Hong Kong and Mainland China.