Published: Thursday, 17 September 2015

Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) Phuket will be exhibiting for the first time at the Monaco Yacht Show (Sept 23-26).

Asia Pacific Superyachts To Exhibit At Monaco Show

“… it will be great to be able to tell owners, managers and captains about the significant changes which are currently taking place in Phuket,” comments APS Founder who heads APS Phuket and APS Myanmar Gordon Fernandes. “The new Thai charter rules mean that for the first time yachts over 30meters will be able to charter legally here and this means Phuket will have more visiting yachts and the region as a whole will benefit from this. Yachts will have a viable alternative to the Caribbean winter cruising season.”

Joining Fernandes at APS Stand #QH31 will be JoJo of APS Phuket, Duthie Lidgard of APS New Zealand, Scott Walker of APS Singapore, Captain Charlie Dwyer of APS Koh Samui and APS Langkawi, Mohamed Hameed of APS Maldives, Etienne Boutin of APS Tahiti and Richard Lofthouse of Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia and APS Philippines. 

Richard Lofthouse notes how APS is known throughout the region for handling the biggest superyachts, “100m+ yachts tend to stick with the company with the name you can trust and only one to move from the Maldives, through Asia and onto NZ and the Pacific with APS offices as their support. However, APS also supports smaller yachts with the same levels of care and professionalism. When you have dealt with ships in the 80 to 120m range, you have the systems and networks in place to deal with anything,"

In 2015 as well as handling three yachts over 100m, APS Indonesia also was engaged by a record number of yachts in the 25 to 35m range.

"We have found that these yachts have specific needs and a budget available to achieve this,” says Lofthouse. “We have the networks to support them when needed and let them alone when we're not". 

The quality service combined with the positive changes for Superyachts, including the impact of rule changes in Thailand, promises memorable journeys for visiting Superyachts.