Published: Monday, 07 September 2015

Australian luxury motor yacht brand Elandra Yachts has expanded its Gold Coast operations on the back of rapid growth and increased interest from Australian and international buyers.

Elandra Yachts Expands Gold Coast Operations

(Photo: Co-founders Tom Barry-Cotter and Luke Durman)

The Australian boat-builder has acquired a further 1,000 square metres of floor space at its Arundel shipyard, in line with Elandra’s projected growth and entry into the crucial US market.

Since its launch last year, Elandra Yachts has made waves in the domestic and overseas markets, with successful recent displays at the Sydney International Boat Show and increasing enquiries from potential buyers.

With $3.5 million committed to research and development over the next two and a half years, the extra floor space will allow for focus on the production of new models, including the Elandra 49 (extended from the initial 47 model) and a 60-foot plus model.

“This expansion of our commercial space is really an indication of market acceptance of our range of boats, which have been built to stand at the pinnacle of Australian craftsmanship,” says Elandra Yachts Co-Founder and Managing Director Luke Durman. “We are a semi-custom builder, which means our role is to listen to our customers and incorporate their ideas to build a boat that brings their dreams to life.”

Elandra Yachts Expands Gold Coast Operations 2

(Elandra Yachts at Sydney Boat Show)

The company is on track to establishing a major presence in the American market, with its first US delivery of an Elandra 53 scheduled for late 2016.

“Every week we are receiving more inquiries from Australian and overseas buyers who are assured of the build quality, performance and value delivered by Elandra Yachts. But the area we exceed other brands is in the shaft-driven offshore performance, ride and handling, fuel efficiency and superior build quality, engineering and offshore perfomance. That’s the area we felt was really lacking in the sport yacht segment,” Mr Durman said.

Elandra will build four boats in the 2016 financial year, including three 53s and one 49.

“Over the next five years, Elandra’s focus is on Australia, New Zealand and the USA,” says Durman. “These are the three markets we have identified as strategically important, and in time we expect 70 per cent of our turnover to come from sales to the USA, where there is strong demand for Australian-built long-range fuel efficient, soft riding boats.”

Elandra Yachts is driven by its positioning statement: “Inshore Elegance. Offshore Attitude”, representing a mission to match the best of the British and European brands’ interior finishes, but with understated elegance.

Elandra Yachts Expands Gold Coast Operations 1

(Elandra 53)

As a semi-custom builder, Elandra also accommodates regional requirements, such as optimised air-conditioning, additional watermakers, or heating, all on 110 V.

All products are manufactured and shipped from the Gold Coast in Australia.