Published: Monday, 05 October 2015

After 32 days at sea, all 12 Clipper teams have made it to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from London, England, completing the first leg of the 2015-2016 Clipper Round the World Race.

Leg 1 Of Clipper Round The World Race Complete

Unicef berthed in Marina da Gloria where the other teams gathered to greet the crew. It was followed an hour later by the South African sponsored yacht IchorCoal.

Having faced all the challenges Mother Nature threw at them on their 5,600 nautical mile adventure across the Atlantic Ocean, Skipper Jim Predergast says everyone on Unicef made the most of the experience.

“Morale was high the whole way through the race, the crew made sure of that,” says Predergast. “They were all excited to be in an ocean racing other boats. We had some beautiful downwind conditions that were fast and really fun. The boat is great fun whether that’s at the back of the fleet or at the front. The crew gave it their all.”

LMAX Exchanged claimed the victory in the Atlantic Trade Winds portion of the race. Chinese entry Qingdao finished second place and GREAT Britain followed to secure the final podium position.

Leg 1 Of Clipper Round The World Race Complete 1

The 12 crews celebrated the Leg 1 finish at the Race 1 Prize Giving ceremony in Marina da Gloria. Race director Justin Taylor and Chief Executive William Ward awarded prizes alongside President of TurisRio Paulo Senise.

The evening began with a memorial service for IchorCoal’s Andy Ashman, who lost his life during the race to Rio in an onboard accident.

After a blessing from the Sailors’ Society Chaplains from the Port of Rio de Janeiro, Ashman's teammate Bruce Rogerson spoke on behalf of his crew about Andy’s lasting impression on the team. Sapinda Rainbow Ambassador and teammate Zanele Mweni sang a song she had written for Andrew during the race.

The Stormhoek Social Spirit Award, voted for almost unanimously by friends, family and supporters, went to IchorCoal in recognition of how the team pulled together to inspire everyone associated with the Clipper Race following the loss of Andy.

Leg 1 Of Clipper Round The World Race Complete 2

Leg 2 of the 40,000nm race will begin October 7. Teams will race to Cape Town, South Africa.


Leg 1 Final Race Results:

1 – LMAX Exchange
2 – Qingdao
3 – GREAT Britain
4 – Derry~Londonderry~Doire
5 – Garmin
6 – IchorCoal (after redress)
7 – ClipperTelemed+
8 – Visit Seattle
9 – PSP Logistics
10 – Mission Performance
11 – Da Nang-Viet Nam
12 – Unicef