Published: Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Just after the recent launch of the Wider 150, the largest and most spectacular of the Wider range, the Wider 165 - Project Cecilia, has now moved into the Wider Superyacht Division’s main production facility in Ancona, Italy for fitting out.

Wider Yachts Moves Wider 165 To Main Facility

In an operation that lasted just over two hours, the 50-metre yacht was moved along 900m’s of public highways to Wider’s main yard. 

“This is an especially exciting time for us,” says Wider Founder and CEO Tilli Antonelli. “Last week we launched our first superyacht, this week we look to the next one. With the aluminium hull and superstructure all but complete the first job is to attach the upper deck structure to the hull. This could not be done in the other facility because of height restrictions. Thereafter, we will be pushing ahead with all of the various trades to ensure that we are on time for delivery to the owner in 12 months time.”

Constructed entirely in aluminium, the profile of the Wider 165 was created by yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni in collaboration with Wider Founder and CEO Tilli Antonelli and the in-house Wider design team.

The yacht’s design focuses on minimising fuel consumption and emissions while maximising onboard living space, without underestimating the importance of easy maintenance. The yacht’s chosen material is a durable metal that, being particularly lightweight, makes it possible to increase the performance/consumption ratio of the yacht and achieve a considerable reduction in emissions.

Wider Yachts Moves Wider 165 To Main Facility 1

Combined with the fact that aluminium is completely recyclable, this helps to reduce the vessel’s footprint on the environment. Aluminium also provides greater freedom during construction as it increases the opportunity for customisation, yet considerably shortens production times.

Originally developed to fulfil an owner’s desire to equip his vessel with a submersible for underwater adventures, the Wider 165 features advanced multi-functional systems, user-friendly technology, a touch and go helipad, diesel-electric propulsion, and an enhanced relationship with the sea via the Wider beach club area, side platforms, balcony and an interior seawater swimming pool.

Thanks to the floating launching system, the stern of the 165 can be converted into a spacious garage ideal for carrying the Wider 32 as a tender. The transom opening hatch allows the tender to be housed in the space used as a swimming pool, although this could be adapted for a client’s specific needs.

“Our goal is to give each and every owner exactly what they desire, creating a yacht to suit their unique personality,” says Antonelli. “Our new flagship will represent the finest marriage of aesthetics, innovation and cutting-edge technology that the yachting world has seen so far.”

Wider Yachts Moves Wider 165 To Main Facility 2

This yacht is on track to be delivered to her owner in late 2016.