Published: Monday, 02 November 2015

UK-based yacht builder Princess Yachts International is marking its 50th anniversary with a new marketing campaign designed to bring to life its "Experience the Exceptional" brand platform.

Princess Yachts Introduces New Marking Campaign

Premiered at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September as part of the company's anniversary celebrations, Experience the Exceptional will be at the heart of every aspect of Princess' communication in 2015 and beyond. It was created to reflect Princess' peerless standards of manufacturing and its unwavering commitment to the very best of British design, craftsmanship and materials.

Princess' status as the ultimate marque of British luxury springs from half a century of extraordinary achievement at its headquarters in Plymouth and across its manufacturing and development sites in Devon, where every yacht in the expanding range continues to be built.

Experience the Exceptional captures the spirit of a yacht-builder that never stands still and is always driving the industry forward – whether through the latest engineering, innovation, technology and techniques, or customer service that is unsurpassed.

Starting with new V Class, S Class and M Class products unveiled at the autumn shows, Princess will launch a total of six new models for the Princess fleet within a six month period, keeping order books more buoyant than at any other time in recent years.

Princess Yachts Introduces New Marking Campaign 1

Princess' global website has been completely redesigned to reflect the Experience the Exceptional positioning, and its adaptive, responsive content platform, driven by a 200% increase in visitation from mobile devices.

Experience the Exceptional is becoming woven into all the company's marketing activity.

Illustrator Jaume Vilardell captured the glamour and excitement of mid-60s style – inspired by the Riviera spirit of Slim Aarons – for a series of new visuals that stunningly expressed the founding vision of Princess for a fresh generation of customers and fans.

"Experience the Exceptional speaks volumes about who we are and what we believe," says Princess Yachts Marketing Director Kiran Jay Haslam. "So much marketing around our industry is uninspiring, and many brands steer clear of emotion, and choose to play it safe with the 'boat + water' formula. Princess' new approach to communication is a natural evolution for us – bringing the magic of yachting to a wider audience, while celebrating the achievements of Britain's leading yacht-builder in ways that really connect.

Princess Yachts Introduces New Marking Campaign 2

"Premiering the Experience the Exceptional programme at Cannes set the tone for our 50th anniversary year in incredible style, and – together with the restoration of our first Project 31 motor yacht, tells the world just what a special company this is, continued Haslam. “We are moving into the future with considerable confidence and immense ambition."