Published: Friday, 18 December 2015

Luxury catamaran manufacturer Sunreef Yachts is building a special edition prototype of the carbon built 23.3-metre Sunreef 74 in the Poland-based shipyard’s production halls.

Sunreef Yachts Builds Carbon Sunreef 74 1

(Sunreef 74 WildBerry)

Sunreef Yachts introduced the Sunreef 74 line to the public about a year ago as a response to a growing demand for modern yachts offering a perfectly balanced compromise between supreme comfort, performance and advanced technology.

As the shipyard’s sixth release within the line, the new prototype will feature a carbon deck, flybridge, bulkheads and superstructure, allowing an improvement of seaworthiness and a smooth movement while passing through waves. The rigging includes a carbon mast and boom with an in-boom furling system.

The main navigation station is equipped with touchscreens enabling automatic sail adjustments coupled with load sensors to prevent winch, hardware and rig overload. These solutions provide easy and safe control of the sails and rig. The boat also features a large overlapping genoa for upwind-optimised performance, a code zero for reaching and a furling spinnaker for downwind performance.

Sunreef Yachts Builds Carbon Sunreef 74 2

Sunreef Yachts specialises in building customised luxury catamarans, all reflecting different approaches to yachting. After the success of the Sunreef 74 WildBerry, classic-styled Sunreef 74 Lucy Z and the recent premiere of the twin charter bestsellers Sunreef 74 Blue Deer and Sunreef 74 19th Hole, the shipyard is now adding the ultra-modern carbon Sunreef 74 to its portfolio of individually tailored multihulls. The boat’s launching is planned for the early half of 2016.

Launched mid-2013, Sunreef Yachts’ first carbon built catamaran was the Sunreef 80 Carbon Line Levante - a spectacular light displacement sailing superyacht prized with the European Medal Award by the Business Center Club.