Published: Monday, 04 January 2016

Paul Clitheroe’s TP52 Balance was declared the overall winner of the 71st edition of the 2015 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race (Dec 26-Jan 1). The crew finished in four days, seven hours, 27 minutes and 13 seconds, followed by Gery Trentesaux’s Courrier Leon, and Shane Kearns Quikpoint Azzurro.

Paul Clitheroes Balance Overall Winner Of Sydney Hobart Race

(Photo: Stefano Gattini/Rolex/Balance

This is the first time Clitheroe has won the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s 628-nautical-mile race, but not the boat’s first time. As Quest, it won the 2008 race for Bob Steel. 

“It’s an absolute honour to win this great race. I thought the little boat had beaten us, until the Derwent River decided otherwise,” says Clitheroe. “The CYCA does a fantastic job of organising the race and making sure everyone is safe. I thank the sponsor, Rolex and the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, all the volunteers and everyone involved – it is a mammoth exercise. And to my crew: Greeny and Brownie are two of the best – and the rest of the crew who do an outstanding job.”

During the race, Clitheroe suffered an injury to his back due to a fall onboard. Clitheroe was not the only one who experienced injuries as Black Jack’s owner Peter Harburg broke a leg, and Victoire owner Darryl Hodgkinson cracked his ribs.

Paul Clitheroes Balance Overall Winner Of Sydney Hobart Race 1

(Photo: Stefano Gattini/Rolex/Commanche)

Jim Clark and Kristy Hinze-Clark’s super Maxi Comanche claimed line honours in the race winning the Illingsworth trophy and a Rolex Yacht Master II timepiece. The American team finished in two days, eight hours, 58 minutes, and 30 seconds.

Syd Fischer’s Ragmuffin 100 followed coming in at two days, 19 hours, 47 minutes, and 30 seconds with George David’s Rambler close behind finishing at two days, 19 hours, 51 minutes, and 42 seconds.

The 2015 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race came to an end on January 1 at the Grand Chancellor Hotel in Hobart, where the Official Prize Giving took place.


Top 3 Finishers - Line Honours:

  1. Comanche – Jim & Kristy Clark (USA)
  2. Ragmuffin 100 – Syd Fischer (NSW)
  3. Rambler – George David (USA)

Top 3 Finishers – IRC Overall:

  1. Balance ­– Paul Clitheroe (NSW)
  2. Courrier Leon – Gery Trentesaux (FRA)
  3. Quikpoint Azzurro – Shane Kearns (NSW)

Top 3 Finishers – Clipper 70:

  1. Da Nang – Vietnam
  2. GREAT Britain
  3. LMAX Exchange

Top 3 Finishers – OFRi:

  1. Quikpoint Azzurro – Shane Kearns (NSW)
  2. Balance ­– Paul Clitheroe (NSW)
  3. Wild Rose – Roger Hickman (NSW)

Top 3 Finishers – PHS:

  1. Abracadabra – James Murchison (NSW)
  2. Helsal 3 – Rob Fisher and Paul Mara (TAS)
  3. Wax Lyrical – Les Goodridge (NSW)

Top 3 Finishers – Corinthian:

  1. Quikpoint Azzurro – Shane Kearns (NSW)
  2. King Billy – Phil Bennett (NSW)
  3. Abracadabra – James Murchison (NSW)