Published: Friday, 29 January 2016

Malaysia’s Monsoon Cup (Jan 26-30), held in Johor Bahru, showcased an intense competition on the third day of racing as the two most recent World Champions of the World Match Racing Tour met on the course.

Gac Pindar Claims Win On Third Day Of Monsoon Cup

(Photos by Robert Hajduk / WMRT)

US Virgin Island’s Taylor Canfield on US One dominated the first two days of the Monsoon Cup but Great Britain’s Ian Williams aboard GAC Pindar managed to ruin his perfect score with a masterful execution at the start.

With the monsoon rain pouring harder than ever, the US One skipper was forced into a gybe and a tack. The British team took advantage of US One’s mistake and continued on to lead from start to finish.

“We’re more used to the rain in England,” says Williams after his victory. “I don’t think they get any rain in the US Virgin Islands so maybe that put them off their stride.”

The conditions made it impossible to complete all 22 flights of qualifying as scheduled.

Gac Pindar Claims Win On Third Day Of Monsoon Cup 1

Three teams now out of the competition include Reuben Corbett (NZL) and the two local skippers: Maxi Soh (SIN) and the new hero of Malaysian sailing, Hazwan Dermawan (MAS).

Both local teams put forth a great effort, with Soh beating Johnie Berntsson (SWE) and then beating Hazwan in the local derby match.

While Hazwan failed to build on his two victories over Keith Swinton (AUS) and Bjorn Hansen (SWE), his confident and spirited performance has brought great pride to the country.

Hazwan hopes this could be the springboard to getting Malaysian teams into the new era of the World Match Racing Tour, which launches in just over a month’s time when the first event in high-speed M32 catamarans takes place in Fremantle, Western Australia (Mar 2-7).

Gac Pindar Claims Win On Third Day Of Monsoon Cup 2

Meanwhile the international battle for the Monsoon Cup goes on in the wildly variable conditions on the Straits of Johor.