Published: Thursday, 18 February 2016

Cruising motoryacht builder Explorer Motor Yachts is partnering with US-based gyro stabiliser manufacturer Seakeeper for a joint marketing program.

Explorer Motor Yachts CEO Mark Campion said the company is seeing an increasing demand for stabilisers for its passage-making yachts.

Explorer Yachts Partners With Seakeeper 3

(Explorer CEO Mark Campion)

"We are tying up with Seakeeper as we see more and more demand for their product, especially for stabilisation at anchor," says Campion. "Seakeeper is the leading manufacturer of gyro stabilisers for marine applications. A major advantage of gyro stabilisers is that they are quiet and have none of the downside that fin stabilisers display when the boat is at anchor. Once up to speed, the Seakeeper gyro also draws significantly less power than fin stabilisers."

Explorer will offer highly competitive pricing on Seakeeper gyros to its customers and the two companies will cooperate in marketing the gyros both to existing and new Explorer customers.

"A significant advantage of the Seakeeper gyro for existing customers is that it can easily be retro-fitted without haul-out," adds Campion. "The gyro does not require any through-hull fittings."

Explorer Yachts Partners With Seakeeper 2

Seakeeper's Regional Sales Representative of Asia Andy Toh says "We are delighted to be associated with Explorer Motor Yachts. The company has gained a powerful reputation for quality passage-maker motor yachts and their owners are demanding comfort both in rolling seas as well as when they are safely in a harbour or bay."

Seakeeeper, founded in 2002, builds gyros suitable for boats ranging from about 30 feet to 100 feet in length.

Explorer Motor Yachts builds trawler-style luxury cruisers ranging from 40 to 75 feet.