Published: Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Marina Industries Association (MIA) is leading a submission process that will seek a revision of the Australian Standard Guidelines for Design of Marinas: AS – 3962 – 2001.

Mia Seeks Revision Of Australian Standard Guidelines 1

(MIA President Andrew Chapman)

The Standards Australia Guidelines have been important for marina development in Australia, which is widely recognised as having high-quality marina design standards. 

MIA has undertaken engagement with all key stakeholders as part of the submission process. In particular, MIA is seeking comments on sections of AS 3962-2001 that a review should focus upon. The major sections of the guidelines deal with investigations, dimension criteria, loading and stability, design considerations, services, as well as onshore boat facilities and traffic and parking. MIA is also seeking comments on any other issues or opportunities that would be appropriate for a review to consider.

MIA President Andrew Chapman CMM said the MIA is taking a lead role in seeking a review of the Guidelines given their importance to the marina industry both in Australia and across Asia where they have been valued as a guide for marina development.

“MIA played a lead role in the development of the current guidelines,” says Chapman. “It is appropriate and very timely after some 14 years that these are updated to reflect changes in recreational boating and take account of new technology and knowledge.”       

The closing date for the MIA submission is in March. MIA is seeking initial comments and input into the submission by February 26.

Input is not only sought from marina operators but broader industry and consumer interests, government organisations, regulatory bodies and technical and professional associations involved with the marina industry. A wide range of stakeholder input will assist Standards Australia to assess the level of demand and the comparative importance of their investment in this review compared with other submission requests.