Published: Friday, 18 March 2016

US-based gyro stabiliser manufacturer Seakeeper has reported record growth for 2015.

2015 Brings Record Growth For Seakeeper

(Seakeeper 3DC stabiliser installed) 

Launched in 2008, the company now has over 3,000 units in operation on vessels ranging in size from 30 feet to 220 feet. Seakeeper's innovative motion control design improves the boating experience by eliminating 95 per cent of boat roll.

The business saw a 57 per cent growth in shipments over 2014. Setting the pace was the 50' and under market, where there previously was no option for stabilisation. With its new SK5 and SK3DC, Seakeeper answered the demand of small boat owners looking for stabilisation to transform their on-the-water experiences.

Significant growth was also achieved in the refit sector where customers took advantage of the opportunity to update existing crafts with the latest technology and the ease at which it can be done with Seakeeper's global refit network. The company saw an 80 per cent increase in refit installations, making it over 25 per cent of Seakeeper's total business.

"We have a product that has transformed how people experience being on a boat," says Seakeeper VP of Sales and Marketing Andrew Semprevivo. "With our year over year growth, there’s been an explosion of first-hand Seakeeper experiences and consumers are now understanding exactly what the product can do. The perception has shifted from luxury add-on to fundamental necessity. Once you experience it, you'll never want to be on a boat without it."

2015 Brings Record Growth For Seakeeper 5

(Seakeeper 3DC stabiliser) 

Adding to first-hand consumer experiences, Seakeeper's Contender 35 ST provided over 1,000 demo rides during its summer ‘Take a Ride, Be Amazed’ demo tour. The boat routinely saw a consistent roll reduction of 95 per cent in a wide range of sea states and speeds.

Adding to Seakeeper's exposure, a video of a demo went viral and received over 2.5 million views within the first 36 hours of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. In 2015, web traffic to the company’s web page was up 64 per cent and its Facebook presence topped 11,000 likes.

Firmly committed to providing customers exceptional global access to quality product support, Seakeeper expanded its roster of certified service and installation centers. In 2015, it trained over 260 people representing 82 companies around the world.

"We have a culture built on providing the best possible experience for our customers," says Seakeeper Founder and CEO Shepard McKenney. "From engineering and manufacturing to sales and service, we are laser-focused on providing a product that is effective, easy to use and long lasting. This is really something special to be a part of."

Check out Seakeeper's infographic on advancements that have altered the course of boating:

2015 Brings Record Growth For Seakeeper 16