Published: Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The 2016 Rolex China Sea Race has come to an end with Phillip Turner’s RP66 Alive claiming line honours, setting a new record for the race of 47 hours 31 minutes and eight seconds, 11 minutes and 59 seconds faster than the previous record set in 2000.

Alive Claims Rolex China Sea Race Line Honours

(Photos: Daniel Forster/Rolex)

The 565-nautical-mile race kicked off in Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour and finished in Subic Bay in the Philippines.

After an unfavorable harbour start for the fleet, Alive made very slow progress out of a foggy, damp Hong Kong and had it not taken four hours for the northeast monsoon to kick in, she could have been looking at taking a much larger chunk out of the record.

Once in open water, the breeze picked up and the RP66 had stiff competition for line honours nearly all of the way, with Banuls 60 Catamaran MACH2 making impressive gains through the middle stretch of the race. Both vessels raced close to the rhumb line, however just over 200nm from the start, Alive chose to peel off south to stay off the coast and set up a more westerly approach to Subic Bay, leaving MACH2 to take an inside line.

The tactics paid off for Phillip Turner and while MACH2 sat in the dreaded Luzon hole for five hours, making slow progress, Alive benefitted first from the mid-morning sea breeze kicking in.

Alive Claims Rolex China Sea Race Line Honours 1

Anthony Root and Steve Manning’s Ker42 Black Baza lifted the China Sea Race Trophy for corrected time on IRC handicap, with Alive posting a second overall and William Liu’s A40RC Seawolf in third, as well as first in IRC Racer 2.

Black Baza finished in the early hours of the morning after just over 60 hours of racing, with crewmember Wade Morgan enthusing about the previous 24 hours of racing saying, “We were coming in hot all the way, which was unexpected. We probably played the middle a little bit to the south and then we had good breeze so we managed to come straight in to the coast without having to do too much fancy work.”

Provisional Results (Place/Boat/Corrected Time):


1 Black Baza 73:46:49

2 Alive 75:10:30

3 SeaWolf  76:01:34

IRC 0:

1 Alive 75:10:30

2 Free Fire 77:51:31

3 KLC Bengal7 78:17:29

IRC 1:

1 Black Baza 73:46:49

2 EFG Mandrake 76:41:51

3 MEGAZIP 77:37:26

IRC 2:

1 SeaWolf 76:01:34

2 Krampus 77:38:10

3 Whiskey Jack 82:19:02


1 Explorer 76:19:35

2 Shahtoosh 79:17:11

3 Clove Hitch 80:18:56


1 Darling 89:28:38

2 Wonderwall 96:37:10


1 Mach2