Published: Thursday, 03 March 2016

Hong Kong-based Kraken Yachts is introducing a new range of quality cruising yachts designed, built and equipped to fulfill the needs of sailors looking for a blue water cruiser that isn't mass-produced to a budget or a high cost limited-production yacht.

Kraken Yachts Introduces Range Of Cruisers

Dick Beaumont and Roger Goldsmith founded Kraken Yachts. Beaumont, a successful British businessman, covered 100,000-miles cruising the world in his 58’ GRP yacht Moonshadow. Goldsmith runs his own yacht management business having previously qualified at the Southampton Institute in Yacht Manufacturing and worked in boat building, advanced composites and aerospace component manufacture. He also has extensive racing and cruising experience. Together they have employed long-established New Zealand design office Dibley Marine to incorporate their requirements for the ideal cruiser into the new Kraken 50, Kraken 58 and Kraken 66 models.

“When the wind is over 35 knots these yachts will look after you, not the other way round,” says Beaumont. “The Kraken has a rig and deck layout designed to make short-handed sailing easy and enjoyable. The elegant hull lines and sensible displacement ensure a yacht that sails comfortably and steadily through the seas ­ as opposed to a lightly built yacht that is uncomfortable in a seaway. And a fully protected control station in the deck saloon keeps the crew warm and dry in inclement weather.”

Kraken Yachts Introduces Range Of Cruisers 1

Unlike many mass-produced or higher priced cruisers, Beaumont says, “the Kraken yachts do not rely on occasionally fallible bolts to keep the keel attached to the hull. Instead the all-lead keel is fully encapsulated and it simply cannot drop off.”

The Kraken team is also wary of unprotected rudders in debris-strewn seas. Unlike many modern yachts, the Kraken’s rudder is supported on (and protected by) a robust full depth skeg. Beaumont¹s experience at sea has also lead to Kraken yachts having comprehensive back-up systems for the many and complex electrical systems that are ‘de rigueur’ on modern cruisers.

Kraken Yachts Introduces Range Of Cruisers 2

(White Dragon)

“Whether Kraken owners aim to cross oceans or cruise closer to home, they will be sailing yachts that are designed and built for purpose rather than aiming to follow fashion and perhaps compromise sea-keeping and self-reliance in the process,” adds Beaumont.

Designer Dibley says: “When Kraken Yachts’ Directors approached us for a new design range, they knew exactly what they wanted and we knew how to achieve it. Designed for offshore use, Kraken yachts give luxurious cruising whilst maintaining seaworthiness and performance. This new range ticks all the requirements for today¹s generation of sailor. Knowing that each owner has specific experiences and needs, alternative layouts are available to suit different cruising ways.”

Kraken Yachts Introduces Range Of Cruisers 3

(White Dragon)

The Kraken cruisers offer excellent value for money. Built by long-established and award-winning yards in China and Taiwan, they feature high quality GRP laminating, joinery and engineering thanks to the skills of a very experienced workforce. The attractive prices are appreciably lower than those charged for higher end European yachts and only slightly more than for mass-produced alternatives. 

“We have developed with our partners in Xiamen and Kaohsiung a state of the art yacht building facility to deliver yachts of high build quality, whilst providing our clients with outstanding value,” says Beaumont.

Kraken's flagship 66 White Dragon will be launched in May and showcased in Hong Kong in June 2016.