Published: Tuesday, 22 March 2016

YachtAid Global is launching its own Crowdrise page enabling the general public and the superyacht community to make donations to the YachtAid charity, which uses superyachts to deliver aid to remote communities.

Yachtaid Global Launches Crowdrise Fundraising Page

(Lady Lola delivering aid in Panama)

Donations will be used to deliver aid and resources to more remote communities globally, as well as assisting in disaster relief efforts worldwide.

With three simple clicks within the Crowdrise campaign website a donor can make a huge impact in helping people in need, with donations ensuring YachtAid Global is ready to act when a natural disaster strikes.

Entirely unique in its operation, YachtAid Global has developed a global network combining yacht owners, yacht crew, logistics volunteers and donors who purchase and/or deliver developmental and disaster relief aid to affected remote coastal communities.

The Crowdrise campaign enables owners and crew who are unable to offer logistical support through the use of their yacht to still be able to make a difference.

YachtAid Global’s tagline – Changing the World Without Changing Course – speaks to its ethos of helping the yachting community, and public, to assist worthy causes, through whatever means are available to them.

Yachtaid Global Launches Crowdrise Fundraising Page 2

(Photo: Umbra delivering aid after Cyclone Pam)

YachtAid Global leverages the resources and compassion of the superyacht industry. In its 10 years of operation, YachtAid Global has delivered aid to over 20 countries in collaboration with more than 40 superyachts and approximately 400 crew. Those efforts have positively impacted over 100,000 people worldwide.

Recent successful projects include disaster relief after the devastation Cyclone Pam wrought on the remote, 80-island nation of Vanuatu last year. YachtAid Global volunteers assisted around the clock, working in multiple time zones, to coordinate six yachts, three helicopters, nine tenders and 76 crew in delivering aid to 18 of the worst-impacted islands.

YachtAid Global is currently focusing efforts on assisting disaster relief programs with partner agency, Sea Mercy, based in Fiji, after Cyclone Winston recently caused widespread damage across the country’s many islands. The cyclone saw over 350,000 people affected. With winds reaching up to 201mph, the highest ever recorded in Southern Hemisphere history.

YachtAid Global has been dedicated to providing disaster relief aid and humanitarian support to remote coastal communities through its network of superyacht owners, crew and global volunteers since 2006.

YachtAid Global’s Crowdrise campaign can be found here: