Published: Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Swedish company Aston Harald, owner of the World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) series, is bringing four high-speed sailing catamarans to Hong Kong.

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The four cats will give sailors and the public the chance to experience the yachts for themselves at open days or through privately arranged events.

For a limited time, companies can also enquire about customising their own sailing event, creating highly memorable brand activation.

The M32s are used for the 2016 World Match Racing Tour which kicked off in Perth, Australia in March and are well known amongst the sailing community.

“It is the longest running professional sailing series and has the largest prize money in the sport, which means it attracts a great deal of interest and some of the best sailors in the world,” says Aston Harald Regional Director Jamie Boag.

There are five events over five months in locations around the globe. 

Each individual event has a prize purse of US$200,000 and the World Match Racing Tour final in Sweden will see the overall series winner pocket an astonishing US$1 million. 

Boag continues, “We are keen to see participation in the M32 class grow. We want to encourage more people to move into the sport and work their way through the ranks to become World Match Racing Tour champions.”

As part of that ambition, the four M32s due to arrive in Hong Kong in May will be here to generate interest and allow aspiring sailors and sailor-owners to trial, and potentially purchase, the boats as well as train for a Tour Card which allows sailors to enter the series. 

The series will continue May 9-14 in Copenhagen, followed by an even in Newport, Rhode Island (May 30-June 4).