Published: Tuesday, 19 April 2016

UK luxury yacht builder Sunseeker is reporting strong results in Asia over the past year, with many models being sold and an impressive win at the 2016 Asia Boating Awards during the Singapore Yacht Show (Apr 7-10). The Sunseeker 155 was named ‘Best Production Motor Yacht (25m and above)’ in the annual awards event organised by Asia-Pacific Boating and China Boating magazines.

Sunseeker 1

(Sunseeker 155)

Some of the latest Sunseekers to arrive in Asia have been exhibited at the Singapore Yacht Show and Shanghai Boat Show (Apr 7-10), as well as at the upcoming Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show (April 29-May 2). This summer, a Sunseeker 116 and the latest 131 are among the yachts being delivered to Asian owners. 

Sunseeker Asia reports that in 2015-2016, 16 yachts have been sold so far to buyers in Hong Kong and five in Asia. Other models sold include the Sunseeker Yacht 96 and 86, as well as the Manhattan 65, with the most popular models ranging from 60ft to 90ft.

Sunseeker 3

(Sunseeker 86)

“The total retail price turnover in Asia for January 2015-April 2016 is £64 million,” says Sunseeker Asia Chairman Gordon Hui, who is based in Hong Kong. “This remains short of Sunseeker Asia’s busiest years of 2010-2011, after the 2008 market crash, with 2010 turning over £50 million and 2011 turning over £80 million, for a combined £130 million.”

In 2011, 17 yachts were sold to clients in Hong Kong and 14 sold to buyers throughout Asia, with the Manhattan 63 proving to be the most popular.

Sunseeker 4

(Manhattan 63) 

Company expectations remain high, as dealers throughout Asia are added. Sunseeker has offices in the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia with the possibility of dealer agreements soon in the Maldives, Korea and India. The new dealers are in addition to those in Thailand and Singapore.

Sunseeker Singapore is located in the plaza at Oneº15 Marina Club and managed by Daniel Au. A recent addition to the team there is Sales Director Peter Mahony, who in 1999 joined the Sunseeker Sales Group in Poole, England, and has been working in Asia since 2013. 


(Sunseeker Singapore Sales Director Peter Mahony)

"The Sunseeker brand is synonymous with exhilaration - luxury - Innovation and class, but perhaps a more understated element of its ethos is Sunseeker’s pragmatism and approach to underwriting the breathtaking design, latest technologies and presentation of the yachts with sound, uncomplicated, proven and reliable engineering and systems platforms and design never forgetting the yachts safe and efficient operation,” Mahoney says. 

"Our market demands quality – exclusivity – luxury and innovation. Sunseeker never stands still and continues to produce stunning new models. With extensive flexibility in build, including local and specific requirements is the norm – karaoke, mahjong, specialist dining and catering, great toy storage, reliable components, and so on."