Published: Thursday, 26 May 2016

Azimut | Benetti Group held the Yachting Gala, an exclusive event for Owners and enthusiasts of the yachts designed by the world’s leading builders, in Capri, Italy (May 21-22).

Azimut Benetti Hosts Yachting Gala In Capri With 700 Guests 6

(Photos: Azimut Yachts - The Yachting Gala)

More than 700 clients arrived from countries around the world – China, Singapore, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and many others – to celebrate yachts built by the Group. Sea trials, special events and tours were held to discover the excellence of Italian taste, culture and consummate quality.

The Marina Grande on the island played host to a fleet of no less than 22 yachts, representing the Group’s entire range. Guests had the chance to experience the yachts, packed with design, power and technology, at sea in the waters off the Faraglioni, the Arco Naturale, Marina Piccola bay and in many other locations.

Azimut Benetti Hosts Yachting Gala In Capri With 700 Guests

The Yachting Gala also provided an opportunity to celebrate the partnership with Rolls-Royce and its futuristic Azipull Carbon 65 pod propulsion system, which has been fitted to the Benetti Vivace 125’.

The Azimut | Benetti Yachting Gala is a private boat show for the Group’s top clients, designed to give them the chance to admire all the latest novelties launched in international markets at the Cannes, Miami and Dubai boat shows: Azimut 66 Fly, the new icon in its category; the Azimut 72 Fly, with a superstructure made from carbon fibre; and Azimut Magellano 66, the latest model in the long range Italian style collection. Azimut Grande 95RPH was also included, which made its debut last season, and two Benetti yachts in the Fast Displacement line - Benetti Vivace 125’ (38 metres) and Benetti Veloce 140’ (42 metres).

Azimut Benetti Hosts Yachting Gala In Capri With 700 Guests 2

Female guests were the protagonists of Capri Experience – presentations and demonstrations by Carthusia, the celebrated perfume house, and short trips to discover the handcraftsmanship of famous sandal designer Emanuela Caruso and guided tastings of the original Limoncello from Capri.

Other Yachting Gala partners of excellence and paladins of Italian luxury and style provided courtesy cars, organised spirited wine tastings and offered relaxing beauty sessions to the ladies present.

Azimut Benetti Hosts Yachting Gala In Capri With 700 Guests 3

The guests were also exposed to storied jewellers, who took them on a voyage of discovery to explore the world of gemstones. An exhibition of vintage clothes from round the world and a cocktail party was also popular with guests.

Tours were organised to discover the island’s natural and cultural attractions, taking visitors both inland to admire the medieval churches and wonderful views, as well as to Anacapri, to enjoy the gardens and the view from Monte Solaro, in addition to excursions to the Grotta Azzurra.

Azimut Benetti Hosts Yachting Gala In Capri With 700 Guests 7

The social highpoint was the gala event on Saturday night, staged at La Canzone del Mare with its seafront terrace looking out over the Faraglioni. The evening began with a welcome for guests offered by a tarantella folk dance group, followed by dinner and entertainment.

The traditional parade of Azimut and Benetti yachts, illuminated by a magical light show, was followed by fireworks which gave the signal to start the festivities at Anima e Core, the iconic Capri night club with a cult following where the dancing went on into the early hours of the morning. 

Azimut Benetti Hosts Yachting Gala In Capri With 700 Guests 4

After Rio De Janeiro, Viareggio, Cannes, Monte Carlo and Portofino, the event was held in Capri, where the cultures of the Mediterranean blend together into a style that has been setting fashion trends the world over for decades.