Published: Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Ferretti Security & Defence (FSD), the Group’s division established to satisfy security and defence purposes, participates at Seafuture & Maritime Technologies 2016 in La Spezia, Italy May 24-27. 

Fsd Participating At Seafuture Maritime Technologies 2016

(Images: FSD - FSD 350)

Seafuture & Maritime Technologies 2016 is a unique opportunity for all participants to meet major market players and to present their strengths and capabilities, broaden their networks and to exchange ideas, experience and other information with the sectors’ representatives, research centres and universities. Participants and organizers will present the latest developments in terms of innovation and technology both in the defence and security and the civil naval industries. 

Ferretti Security & Defence, founded in February 2016, is the result of a significant investment of Ferretti Group aimed at diversifying its product range. Its objective is to satisfy the growing demand of innovative naval vessels by implementing advanced performance and technological systems that are designed to effectively operate in every scenario. The division is engaged in the design, development and construction of a new range of advanced naval platforms that can stand up to any requirement in the fields of security, surveillance and defence in international, national and coastline waters. 

In the occasion of Seafuture & Maritime Technologies 2016, FSD presents two models of the division - FSD 195, already in construction and FSD 350. These state of the art vessels represent Ferretti Group’s substantial innovation capabilities not only in civil yachting but also in the design, development and construction of vessels dedicated to security and defence.

Fsd Participating At Seafuture Maritime Technologies 2016 1

(FSD 195)

FSD 195, the division’s first fast patrol vessel with high performance features is 20 metres long and is able to exceed the speed of 50 knots for over 400 miles. It is going to be officially launched this summer in La Spezia, while at the moment it is going through the set-up phase in Cattolica, Italy. The other vessel is FSD 350, which is already in an advanced development phase. Its length is 35,4 metres. It moves past 45 knots but can reach also the speed of 55 knots in COmbined Diesel And Gas (CODAG) version and can host 20 servicepersons besides the crew of 4 persons. 

“Seafuture & Maritime Technologies 2016 is a unique opportunity to present FSD and the fast patrol vessels in Italy, particularly the first one that is under construction by Ferretti Group’s new division and is going to be released in June. This event allows us to introduce to a qualified and international audience our vessels that feature technological advancement and are able to satisfy all operational requirements that are necessary to guarantee the security in our waters, a fundamental but difficult task of Italy and of Europe”, comments CEO of Ferretti Group Alberto Galassi.

FSD will be represented at the event by Director Giuliano Felten and Director of Operations Andrea Ameli.