Published: Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Marina Industries Association (MIA) announced the release of the Club Marine 2015 Health of the Australian Marina Industry Survey on May 11.

The survey of Australian marinas builds on previous data released in 2009, 2011 and 2013. The collaborative research is a result of a long-term research partnership between the Recreational Marine Research Centre (RMRC) at Michigan State University and the MIA with active participation of many Australian marinas.

New Australian Research Reveals Marina Sector Growth 1

The survey provides extensive data and analysis based on a robust 40% sample of Australia’s 346 marinas.  The information in the 127-page report provides details relating to the economic, social and environmental performance of marinas in general, marinas located in different regions, as well as different types and sizes of marinas. The 2015 survey report also provides valuable trend data and analysis.

The survey findings revealed that Australian marinas are financially healthy and over half of the marinas expect revenues to grow in the 2015-2016 FY. The majority of marinas continues to undertake various measures to enhance their facilities and the quality of the services offered. The findings also strongly suggest that there continues to be a ‘demand’ for marinas to add storage spaces and customer services. 

According to Director of the RMRC Ed Mahoney, “This series of collaborative studies are a ‘cut-above’ anything else conducted within the international marina industry. The very high response rate and consistency of the data collected in biennial surveys provide valid and reliable data for identifying marina trends including employment, investment and their contribution to local communities.” 

New Australian Research Reveals Marina Sector Growth 3

(Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

Chief Executive Officer of Club Marine Simon McLean says Club Marine is very pleased to support this cutting edge industry research. "As Australia's leading recreational boating insurer and a proud long-term member of the marine industry, we are delighted to support this important MIA initiative. The insights provided by this detailed study will offer invaluable benefits to the industry and ensure its long-term health and growth."

MIA President Andrew Chapman says the long-term collaboration with RMRC and the support of Club Marine were invaluable to assist with the promotion and development of the marina industries across Australia. “Our industry is competing for limited time and capital with many other leisure industries. High quality research is a foundation stone for our industry to effectively communicate our value and worth to investors, the community and to the government.”          

Findings from the latest survey will be progressively announced over the coming weeks. The report of the survey findings is available free-of-charge to participating marinas and may be purchased from the MIA with details on the MIA website.